Farmhouse Dining Tables

by | Jul 21, 2018

Farmhouse Dining Tables

Farmhouse dining tables are all the rage right now, and for good reason.

I think in many ways we are returning to our roots … to simpler times … to simpler living … and in some tangible way, farmhouse dining tables often remind us about family meals, coloring and crafts together and home cooked meals made from produce from the family garden.

So if you’re considering a farmhouse dining table for your dining space, you’re in good company, and there are lots of beautiful and versatile options out there to choose from.

farmhouse dining tables 7 piece

These kitchen and dining sets are sturdy and durable.

They’re perfect for families and entertaining and bring a charming rustic feel to your dining space.

There are many considerations when it comes to farmhouse dining tables, so let’s take a look at some of the options that are available at Kitchen Tables & More.

Size & Shape

Farmhouse dining tables come in multiple sizes and shapes.

The most common shape is rectangle, but square is also an option.

You can choose a 5-piece set (1 square table and 4 chairs), 6-piece set (1 rectangle table, 1 bench and 4 chairs), 7-piece set (1 rectangle table and 6 chairs, or 9-piece set (1 square or rectangle table and 8 chairs).

farmhouse dining tables 5 piece

Although the 5, 6, 7, and 9 piece sets are the most popular, we also offer larger tables, so the sets can be bigger than just table and 8 chairs.

This is perfect if you have an especially large family, entertain often or host holiday gatherings at your home.

Please note: round farmhouse dining tables are also available, but this would mostly be custom designed and not something you’d normally see on our showroom floor.

farmhouse dining tables customized

Delivery times would depend on the set, but generally, if you see it on our showroom floor and live in Ohio, we try to keep those in stock and can schedule delivery typically within a week (but this would not be the case for sets that are only on our website or if you custom design a set).


Most of the farmhouse dining tables on the Kitchen Tables & More showroom floor are two-toned.

You can choose a totally white table and chairs, or have just the top piece of the table to be a charcoal tone for a fun contrast.

If your family is younger, a darker tabletop can also help hide marks and stains.

farmhouse dining tables one color

There are options for finishes as well. Wire-brushed white offers a great rustic finish, while a textural weathered finish gives an earthy, rugged look.

Again, if you have a younger family, the scratches and dents that often happen with kids will blend right in, so a farmhouse dining table will fit right into your family!


Many of the farmhouse dining tables include convenient storage drawers within the tabletop.

These are small drawers that are not very deep, but they are perfect for extra utensils, napkins and other dining necessities.

farmhouse dining tables white finish

Additionally, the drawers add a charming accent to the tables in addition to the convenience.


There are multiple chair and bench options. You can choose from un-upholstered seating or upholstered chairs or benches with nail head accents, charcoal chairs paired with a white table, or a charcoal table paired with white chairs.

Choosing bench seating for a loner side of a rectangle table along with regular chairs for the rest of the table offers guests options so they can seat themselves where they feel most comfortable.

farmhouse dining tables 6 piece set

Bench seating often accommodates more people than just chairs, and they’re perfect for small children to sit close to one another — not to mention the rustic, picnic-feel you get when you sit on a bench instead of a chair.

Mix and Match!

One of the fun things you can do with these beautiful farmhouse dining tables is mixing and matching.

And of course, you can mix it up by having 2 or 4 chairs of one color and the other chairs a different color.

If you really want to change things up, you can even buy chairs where no 2 are same!

farmhouse dining tables and chairs

You can also buy 6-8 chairs for more traditional seating around your table along with a bench or 2 that you can store along the walls for additional seating during a get-together.

Switch out the chairs or benches around the table depending on your event or guests. Any way you look at it, having a bench or 2 or a couple extra chairs can never hurt especially if you enjoy entertaining.

Either way, consider “breaking the rules” a bit when it comes to seating by mixing and matching types (chairs and benches) and colors.


Many of our farmhouse dining tables have matching servers or display cabinets in a variety of colors, finishes and options so you can choose just the right look for your space.

The top of the server can perfectly match with the top of the dining table (either white or charcoal); it has doors on the front to store (or hide) items on adjustable shelves inside.

farmhouse dining tables and buffets

Display cabinets can have both shelves and drawers and complement the rustic, simple style of the farmhouse dining tables.

These furniture accessories offer not only additional storage but also coordinate with the tables and chairs to accent the dining space beautifully and up the charm factor.

Custom Design Your Farmhouse Dining Table

Of course, there are endless options when you design your own table from color, style, pedestal type, finish, wood type, chair type and leg type, just to name a few.

Urban Barnwood puts you in the driver’s seat right from the beginning so you can get exactly what you want.

farmhouse dining tables reclaimed barn wood

Delivery Time

You can expect to get your farmhouse dining set within about a week of ordering it; however, some of the more popular options could be backordered and take longer to receive depending on the time of year. (And customized sets will take a bit longer to receive.)

So what are you waiting for? Stop thinking about a farmhouse table and just do it!

farmhouse dining tables with storage

After it arrives, you’ll be asking yourself why you waited so long to purchase it … but you’ll be so glad you finally did.

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