Round Kitchen Tables

by | Jul 3, 2018

Round Kitchen Tables

When it comes to kitchen tables, there are many different styles, sizes and shapes to choose from. But there’s something quaint and homey about round kitchen tables that isn’t as achievable with other shapes.

At Kitchen Tables & More, we get lots of questions about the 60-inch round tables because it’s versatile and perfect in a variety of spaces including a dining room, or a large kitchen area for everyday use or just for the holidays.

Because of this, we are always sure to have several 60-inch round tables in different styles and materials available for customers to explore in our showroom. We also have other round tables in different sizes for customers to check out so they can decide exactly what size and style would work best for them.

So, let’s take a closer look at why round kitchen tables have been such a favorite for so long.

Round Kitchen Tables-Customized

Connecting is Easier

There’s no doubt that simply the shape of the round table offers more opportunities for people to connect. It’s perfect for conversations, playing games with friends and family and doing puzzles or other activities because everyone is facing each other equally.

With a rectangle or oval table, inevitably, you will be seated closer to some people and farther from other people at the table. But with a round table, everyone is facing everyone more symmetrically. Everyone can reach the cards or game pieces more easily, and everyone can be included in the conversation more equally as well.

Mealtimes are Easier

Logistically, it’s easier to reach food and beverages in the middle of a round table than if you were sitting at an oval or rectangle table. Everything is centralized nicely, so no one is too far from their favorite dish.

For this reason alone, round tables are a favorite with families and with people who enjoy entertaining. Sitting around a round table while enjoying a meal makes dinner conversation more enjoyable for everyone too; all are included rather than excluded.

Round Kitchen Tables Counter Height Set

Round Table Conversion to Oval Table

There are some drawbacks with round tables, one of which is the limited seating. If you’re trying to cram more people around a round table than is optimal, it won’t be long before you’re hitting elbows with the person next to you.

Instead, opt to get a round table with a removable leaf or two that you can insert to create an oval-shaped table. Then you instantly increase how many people can comfortably fit around your round table. This is optimal during holidays or special events at your home. When your guests or family members leave, you can easily convert the table back to its original round shape.

No Sharp Corners

If you have young kids, you know that toddlers are often just tall enough to smack their heads on the corner of the kitchen table. But since round kitchen tables have a continual, smooth edge, you don’t have to worry about young children conking their heads on the corner of the table.

Whether you have children, grandchildren or friends with young children who visit occasionally, a round table can be beneficial for this reason.

Round Kitchen Tables Tabletop

Cozy Spaces

Round kitchen tables are great for small dining spaces because they really optimize the space and create an atmosphere that’s cozy and warm. If you have a smaller dining space, a round table makes it easier for people to get up and move around without worrying about maneuvering around sharp corners. Creating a comfortable and friendly dining area with a round table is a breeze.

Breakfast Nook

A small round table with sides that fold down is perfect for a breakfast nook or other small space. You can pull the table out with the sides extended while you enjoy breakfast or the kids chomp on a snack. When the dining is finished, you can fold the sides down and conveniently store the smaller table against a wall or window. This can be a real space-saver.


We live in a society where we want everything done our way, right? And it’s no different with your dining table. In fact, the customized options for round tables offer all sorts of different styles: metal pedestal bases with detailed designs, or all solid wood, and many different finish options as well. You’re in charge; you get to make the call and decide exactly what you want.

Round Kitchen Table Pedestal Table

Drawbacks to Round Tables

Although there are some great reasons to choose a round kitchen dining table, there are a few things you’ll want to also consider:

Tipping Hazard

Because most round kitchen tables are supported by a single pedestal or base, they can be a little tipsier. You’ll want to lean on the edge of the table and test how sturdy it feels before buying, and consider purchasing a round table with a wide pedestal base to minimize the tipping hazard.

To completely eliminate the chance of a round table tipping over, you can choose a style that has 4 legs instead of a single pedestal. The downside to 4 legs is arranging diners in such a way as to sit comfortably around the table in spite of the necessary table legs. However, most tables are built with all this in mind so there should not be any real danger.

Round Kitchen Tables Leg Table

Elbow Room

This is both a negative and a positive. At a round table, it’s not unusual to bump elbows with those you’re dining or playing games with due to the close quarters. But this can also be a good thing if your goal is creating a close, cozy environment for your family or guests.

Our 60-inch round tables will comfortably seat 6, or can squeeze 7, but we don’t suggest more dining chairs than that. So … the jury is still out on this one; you decide whether you’ll be able to adequately accommodate everyone comfortably with a 60-inch round kitchen table or not.

To wrap this up, if you’re looking to create a friendly and cozy dining space that’s conducive to conversation, mealtimes and activities, consider a round kitchen table. You’ll find that simply by the shape of the table, you’ll be enjoying closer relationships and encouraging more intimate, meaningful connections between everyone who dines, plays or converses around it.

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