White Kitchen and Dining Sets in Ohio

by | May 25, 2017

White Kitchen and Dining Sets in Ohio

Looking for white kitchen and dining sets? Look no further than Kitchen Tables and More, located in Columbus, Ohio.

White kitchen and dining sets are a popular, and there are many different styles a white table would fit into. Whether your home is farmhouse style, contemporary, modern, or traditional, white kitchen and dining sets at Kitchen Tables and More are a great option!

White is a classic, timeless color that will match anything. If you are someone that likes a room to be full of colors, a white table is still a great option! Add in colored chairs to go with the table, or a colorful rug or centerpiece. The options are endless-which makes it clear why white sets are a great option!

Pure white, buttermilk, or off white are just a few shades these sets come in. Customizable, counter height, dining height, wood or upholstered chairs—the options are endless!

white kitchen and dining sets x-back chairs

If your style is more modern or contemporary, you may be looking for a more simple table that is all-white. Or, if you want something more farmhouse-y, you may want a two tone white table. We have both ends of the spectrum! Check out our website or stop by to see over 100 sets at our Easton showroom.

We also have white glass sets, if that suits your taste.

Canadel and Amisco are a couple of the custom design lines available where the options are nearly limitless, while Liberty and Steve Silver will provide a more affordable set that is still made extremely well, and come only as shown.

white kitchen and dining sets rectangular table

White sets provide a clean feel to the room and can brighten a kitchen or dining set, and allow accent chairs or wall décor to take center stage.

You can’t go wrong with a white kitchen set, and Kitchen Tables and More has a variety of options.

Whether you are looking for a dining store in Ohio, or shopping for a kitchen set online, Kitchen Tables and More can meet your dining needs.

white kitchen and dining sets 7 piece set

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