Dining Table Sets – It’s Where Memories are Made

by | Sep 7, 2018

What comes to mind when you think of your dining room table and chairs? Do you think about the holiday gatherings or the impromptu dinner parties you host there? Or maybe you fondly remember the long, drawn-out conversations you have late into the night with family or friends as you solve the world’s problems over snacks and beverages. Perhaps you remember the family game nights full of fun and laughter … or taco Tuesday before rushing off to sports practice … or everyone joining together to finish a 1000-piece puzzle at the kitchen table … or birthdays with cake, balloons, singing and celebrating with those who matter most. No matter what comes to mind when you think of your dining room, one thing is for sure: some of your favorite memories are created there, around your dining room table. That’s why it’s so important when you’re considering dining table sets, because many of your fondest memories will be made around it.

Dining Table Sets that Fit Your Family

You don’t want to just pick up any old dining table set, nor do you want the most convenient or available one. And you certainly don’t want a dining table set that your family has to make work – you want a set that will work for your family from day one. So how do you know whether a dining set will be a fit for your family or not? Before you shop, consider the purpose or purposes of your dining table set so you end up with exactly what you want and need.


Take some time to really consider all the purposes that your dining table set will serve. If you do a lot of entertaining, then consider purchasing a dining set with expandable leaves along with some extra chairs or even benches. Maybe add a matching server or buffet table so you have extra space for serving and storage. (Keep in mind that there are different types of leaves including self-storing with space underneath the tabletop to remove the leaf but still store inside the table; butterfly leaves; or removable leaves without a storage space underneath the tabletop.)

If your family enjoys games and puzzles and other similar activities, consider a round table that can expand out to an oval shape. The round table makes it easier to play cards, yet if you have a really large puzzle, expanding the table out can be helpful.

Do you need a table for your man cave or billiard room? Consider a tall pub table with attractive stools which makes conversations a lot easier between those playing games and those enjoying snacks. It’s useful to note that most counter height sets feature a storage base which can be useful for storing extra games, scorecards, plates and napkins or whatever else you need easy, quick access to.

Maybe you want to add a dining table set for your all-seasons room. A farmhouse table may fit perfectly in that space. A couple of chairs on the end of the table and benches on the long sides creates a very relaxing atmosphere. (And while we’re talking about benches, remember that there are different kinds of benches. For example, Urban barnwood offers expandable benches that have a mini leaf – customizable with different size options and different amounts of leaves. There are also backless benches, benches with a back, and benches with or without upholstery. Which type is up to you.)

You might want to take your formal dining room up a notch by upgrading your dining table set to something more traditional. Consider upholstered chairs and beautifully turned table and chair legs to up the wow factor.

Perhaps you simply want to update your breakfast nook area. A small, round dining table set with folding sides can be a perfect solution and help you optimize space as well. Note that these tables usually come in both dining and counter height, and conveniently, the counter height versions almost always includes some sort of storage shelf, drawers, or cabinet.

If you need a bigger table because of your larger family or for entertaining, but you don’t have a lot of space, think about “going big” when it comes to the table, and “going small” when it comes to the seating. For example, instead of regular chairs, you can opt for stools that easily slide all the way under the table to save space. This wouldn’t work in a formal dining room, of course, but could work in more of a studio apartment setting or other informal space.

As you can see, once you decide on the purpose of your dining table set and what kinds of memories and activities you’ll be having around it, you can really narrow down your options and choose the perfect dining table set for both your space and your needs.

Let the Memory-making Begin!

After looking into all the different types of dining table sets, you’re ready to make your purchase and begin making memories. Arrange a last-minute dinner party with your friends or neighbors … or turn off the television and gaming system and call for an impromptu family game night around the new table … or offer to host a ladies tea for your girlfriends … or invite the guys over to watch the game and enjoy snacks and drinks together.

No matter what you do, be sure to fulfill the purpose that you set out to accomplish by purchasing this new dining table set. Connect with old friends and make new ones … make fun memories with your kids … laugh and share about your day as you enjoy a meal with your family … work together on a science project with your middle schooler … spread out yesterday’s newspaper and carve pumpkins at the table with your kids or grandkids … take over the table as you sort and prepare the strawberries for jam … there are SO many different things we do around our kitchen or dining tables! Just make sure to hold on to the memories as you do.

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