Top Winter Activities in the Kitchen and Around the Kitchen Table

by | Feb 22, 2019

With springtime still weeks away, winter can seem to drone on and on, can’t it? But such are the seasons of life. Each season has its pros and cons … and wintertime can be a great time to “circle the wagons” (so to speak) and connect with friends and loved ones.

Let’s face it—during spring, summer, and fall, our calendars are often bursting with engagements, parties, and get-togethers. But wintertime offers a unique opportunity to slow down, settle in, and relax more. It’s almost like the cooler months beckon us to pull the covers up a bit tighter, hold those we love a little longer, and spend more face-to-face time with the ones we care about.

With this in mind, let’s consider some winter activities in the kitchen and around the kitchen table that will push away the winter blues and help you connect more with loved ones and friends.

Winter Kids Activities Around the Kitchen Table

If you have kids, you know how stir crazy they can get in the winter months. Instead of watching TV or playing video games, consider some of these great winter activities around the kitchen table for kids:

Art: The sky is the limit here, and you’re only limited by why you might have on hand. Don’t think just paper, paints, crayons, and coloring books. Think beyond glue and glitter. Think about what fun things you can do with food too. You can make snowmen out of large marshmallows, raisins, and pretzel sticks, then dunk them in hot cocoa. Or what about making indoor s’mores in the microwave or over the gas stove? Forget the old, dried out playdoh; make your own playdoh at the kitchen table and the kids will keep busy for hours!

Puzzles: The kitchen table is a great place to gather around and work together to put a puzzle together. There’s plenty of room so everyone can reach the puzzle. Don’t forget to make some hot chocolate to enjoy while you’re working.

Board games: From Uno® and Chutes and Ladders® for the younger kids to Monopoly® and Risk® for the older ones, playing a board game together around the kitchen table is a great way to pass the time on a winter day.

Make Cards: What better way to fight the winter blues than to cultivate gratitude? Gather some art supplies (pencils, markers, stickers, etc.) and sit around the kitchen table. Encourage kids to talk about who they are grateful for and why. Then make several thank you cards; plan to deliver
the cards in person or by mail as soon as possible.

Winter Activities for Kids in the Kitchen

Role Playing: Kids love role playing, and it’s a great way to encourage their imaginations too. Make believe that you’re in a restaurant; assign roles (cook, waiter, customer), and proceed to take orders, cook food, and serve it. You can even get creative by making your own hats, aprons, and menus! Don’t forget to give the customers their bill and take payment!

Make Music: Search your cupboards and drawers. Which items would make great musical instruments? Let kids get creative as they choose their “instruments” and put on a concert for each other. Or why not form a kitchen band? Sing some of your favorite songs together while
playing your “instruments.”

Science Experiments: Most kids are totally intrigued when it comes to science and experimenting. Why not convert your kitchen into a science lab? Google kids science experiments online or check out this great site to make edible slime or your very own lava lamp using common items you already have on hand.

Winter Activities For Everyone in the Kitchen and Around the Kitchen Table

It’s not just kids who can enjoy winter activities in the kitchen and around the kitchen table! There are lots of ways that older kids and adults can too.

Bake Treats: Nothing beats feeling cooped up in the winter more than turning on the oven, warming up the kitchen, and filling the air with the smells of baked yummies. Why not bake some snowflake cookies to celebrate a snow day? Or whip up some brownies to share with the
neighbors next door? Then put on your winter gear and deliver the warm brownies right to their door!

Make Snow Ice Cream: If you happen to have snow, take advantage of this fun activity! Both young and old alike enjoy this fun activity. Making snow ice cream together is a memory that everyone will look back on fondly. And don’t forget the sprinkles!

Traditional Card Games: Take advantage of being inside because of the cold weather and teach your family to play traditional card games. Unfortunately, many young people are growing up without the knowledge of playing traditional card games like Euchre, Hearts, Poker, and
Pinochle. Don’t let these games become a thing of the past; enjoy learning and playing these games together.

Build Card Houses: For this activity, you’ll need a couple decks of cards. Pass out the same number of cards to each participant. Spread out on the kitchen counters, kitchen island, and kitchen table. Each person should stack their cards and try to make the best or tallest house they can without the cards falling. Adjust the rules based on the ages of the players. Who can make the tallest house? The most unique house? The most elaborate house? Who can make a house with the most cards?

Reminisce: Dig around in the basement or attic and find old photo albums and memorabilia. Spread everything out on the kitchen table and enjoy looking at the photos, remembering fun times, and telling stories. Retell the story of your first date, your wedding day, or birthdays. Keeping these stories alive for future generations is a great way to use a winter day.

Don’t fear the cold weather or let it get you down in the dumps! There are so many fun winter activities to do in the kitchen and around the kitchen table, so take advantage of being indoors and make memories together!

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