Do-It-Yourself Spring Centerpieces

by | Mar 22, 2019

As winter fades and spring approaches, you may find yourself wanting to bring a little springtime indoors to brighten up your space. Putting together a spring centerpiece for your kitchen table or dining room table is a great way to celebrate the new season. We’re going to show you some great do-it-yourself ideas that won’t break the bank and are simple too. (Let’s face it—not all of us are Joanna Gaines, right?)

What Screams Spring?

When you think of spring, you probably think of flowers, rain, sunshine, birds, and new birth. As far as colors, just about anything goes, but especially pastels and bright, cheerful colors—lots of pink, yellow, purple, blue, and peach, and even green symbolizing growth.

Keep in mind that for any of these ideas, if you don’t have access to fresh flowers, you can always purchase very real-looking artificial flowers at your local dollar store or craft store. And colorful or solid-colored place mats, napkins, or towels are easy ways to frame your centerpiece.

Finally, get creative with containers that you already have around the house. When you use a container in a nontraditional way (like using a mug for a planter), it draws attention to your arrangement and makes your kitchen table or dining room table so inviting.

Tea Cup and Flowers

If you’re like me, you might have a beautiful china dish set collecting dust in your basement. (Sadly.) But even if you don’t, you can visit a thrift store and purchase what you need for this project for next to nothing.

Basically, you gather a beautiful tea cup, matching saucer, and perhaps a matching, small, regular plate (like a salad plate). Stack the saucer on top of the salad plate and the cup on top of the saucer. Next, pick a fresh rose or daffodil (or any other flower you can find in your yard) and trim it so the flower and step measure about 3-4 inches long. Pair with a bit of baby’s breath and place the flowers next to the cup on top of the saucer. To enhance this arrangement, put a colorful, solid-colored napkin, towel, or place-mat beneath the largest plate. If your kitchen table is larger, or you’re decorating your dining room table, consider making 3 of these cup arrangements and placing them side by side or in a triangle in the middle of your dining room table.

Pitcher of Flowers

What says “warmer weather” more than a pitcher of fresh lemonade? Rather than using a traditional vase, why not use a glass pitcher for fresh flowers? Make sure your flowers shout “spring” by choosing colors like pink, peach, and yellow. You could even place a few lemons around the pitcher on top of a colorful, springy napkin or place-mat.

Assorted Vases and Food Coloring

If you don’t have matching vases, don’t worry. Mismatched clear vases all grouped together can make a simple and beautiful accent for your dining room table. For this option, gather 3-7 clear vases—they can be short or tall, wide or narrow—the more mismatched the better. Fill them with water, then place a few drops of food coloring in the water. Vary your colors, of course, then pick or buy some flowers for the vases—larger flowers for the larger vases and smaller flowers for the smaller ones. Remember, less is more; just a few flowers per vase makes a lovely, simple arrangement. Space out the vases in the middle of your kitchen or dining room table.

Flower Mug

While you’re planting flowers in your planters or landscaping, keep 1-2 small plants aside to place in a colorful mug for your kitchen table centerpiece. If you don’t have a colorful or brightly-colored mug on hand, visit your local thrift shop and see what you can find. A taller, wider mug is a bit easier to transplant your flowers. Just add a little bit of soil along with the flowers, pack in the soil, and remember to water every day. A matching saucer or colorful napkin beneath the mug only enhances the arrangement. Choose three different, but coordinating, mugs to make this a beautiful centerpiece for your dining room table.

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Most of us have mason jars taking up space or collecting dust. Why not turn them into pretty, simple centerpieces? Cut some lilacs or flowers from a crab-apple tree and arrange them in a water-filled mason jar. Place a pretty place-mat or towel beneath the jar and scatter a few crab-apples or twigs around it too. This way, you’re not just bringing the beauty of spring to your dining room table—you’re bringing in the aromas as well.

You can also paint your mason jars in springy colors like cream, light blue, and light yellow; then fill them with flowers. If you have a shallow basket or crate, place the jars inside for a more country or rustic look, respectively.

Fruit Centerpieces

If you’re not too much into flowers, you can always arrange fruit in a basket, glass dish, or vase as an alternative. Why not place some lemons and limes in a tall, clear glass container surrounded by votive candles? You can always add a clean, white place-mat or napkin underneath to complete the simple look. Customize the size for a small kitchen table or long dining room table!

Upside-down Wine Glasses

Gather a colorful or solid-colored place-mat or napkin, 3 long-stemmed glasses, 3 spring flowers, and 3 3-inch, white candles. Place the flowers on the napkin or place-mat next to each other or in a triangle shape. Place the glasses upside-down over the flowers. Then place the candles on top
of the bases of the glasses. Light the candles to create a special celebratory atmosphere at your dining room table.

You can actually put anything you like underneath the glasses—lemons or other fruit, eggs—whatever says “spring” to you.

Vase Inside A Vase

You can get really creative here. If you have a larger, round vase and a smaller square or rectangle vase, you can put the smaller vase inside the larger one. Why not arrange sliced lemons along the inside of the round vase and then place yellow or white flowers inside the smaller vase? This multidimensional arrangement is really fun, and you can get really creative utilizing other items in similar ways. It can be smaller for a kitchen table or larger for your dining room table. 

As you can see, you don’t need a degree or a television show to decorate your kitchen table or dining room table for spring. These do-it-yourself spring centerpieces are as simple as they are beautiful, and they are sure to bring the freshness and joy of spring to your home and family.

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