Canadel Dining Furniture, Champlain Collection

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Champlain dining collection by Canadel Furniture

Champlain by Canadel


Champlain by Canadel

For most people looking for high-end dining furniture that is customizable the common answer is Bermex, Canadel or Amish.  However, for someone who wants something different, rustic and flat-out gorgeous, then the answer may very well be Canadel’s Champlain Collection.

Every piece of this collection goes through an 11-step antiquing process, so you know that your furniture is 100% unique. It is based on early colonial workmanship, but don’t let that paint a picture of “country furniture” this style is very transitional and flow with most any kitchen or dining room.

The quality is amazing, which is to be expected with any product made by Canadel.  The finish is a baked-on, catalyzed lacquer to ensure longevity.  You also get to chose your stain including 2-toned if you like.  There are several chairs, fabrics and tables that come in different shapes and sizes.

Let me tell you, if you haven’t seen Champlain by Canadel, you are missing out. It is absolutely beautiful!







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