The Right Grey Table for Your Home!

by | Aug 24, 2017

Looking for a grey table?

Grey tables are growing in popularity. There are so many different shades of grey, more than likely, some type of grey table would match your home.

At Kitchen Tables and More, we have many grey sets: light grey with smooth finishes, dark grey with rustic finishes, or warm grey-that almost looks brown because it is so dark.

One set that people love is our MS1 set: made of solid, reclaimed pine wood, with a distressed finish. If you have a rustic style in your home, and are looking for a grey table, this just may be the perfect set for you!

Grey Table-pine wood

Another option we have at Kitchen Tables and More is our Canadel custom design.

There are many different types of greys you can choose from-totally designing your own set from scratch.

Canadel sets can vary in style from Mid-Century Modern to Rustic, and all in between.

Looking for a simple, round, grey kitchen table? We have those too!

If you are just looking for a small, grey set to take with you the same day, that is also a possibility.

There are also grey glass top tables! Grey is not limited just to the stain of wood anymore, but there are several options of grey glass-with a matte finish, or clear top.

The options truly are limitless, even if you already know what color and style of table you are looking for.

Looking for a table to seat 14 people? We have an extension table that has three butterfly leaves, with a gorgeous warm grey finish.

Grey Table dining set

Whatever size, style, or shape you are looking for, we have many grey tables to choose from–both in stock as well as custom design. Counter height or dining height, small or large, rectangular, square or round, we will have what you are looking for!

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